A 30-minute Hotel Room Workout w/ Bands

30-Minute Hotel Room Workout: Man Carrying Heavy Items

Whether you’re traveling for work or staying on a white sand beach in Thailand, your time is at a premium. You don’t have the luxury to waste it on ineffective routines or a busy gym. If you want to stay healthy and look great during your travels, you must learn how to work out efficiently in your own hotel room. 

In this article, we’ll share an effective 30-minute circuit routine that strategically combines a mix of bodyweight and resistance band exercises for maximum results. 

Travel Fitness FAQ

Start Here.

Forget the cramped hotel gym, 

These are the Top 3 pieces of portable gym equipment that you’ll need: 

1) 1 or 2 Resistance Bands

Choose 1 medium strength band as a single all-rounder or 2 bands (1 light + 1 heavy) for greater intensity.

2) 1 Hip Band

Buy the set and test out which band suits you the most strength-wise.

3) 1 Door Anchor

A sturdy and lightweight way to attach your resistance bands to doorways – the best way to mimic free-weight movements.

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The ideal schedule would be a Monday/Wednesday/Friday type of structure, which would allow for full recovery between each circuit.

To do the workout, simply perform 3-4 consecutive sets of both circuits at a high intensity. Additionally, take 5 deep breaths in-between each exercise and up to 45 seconds of rest in-between each circuit.

Cardio can be performed for 5-10 minutes after the circuits are complete. 

You’ll need a cordless jump rope to be able to perform cardio in a hotel room. To refrain from being obnoxious to the people in the hotel room beneath you, make sure to stay fast and light on your feet.

Hotel Room Workout

30-minute Sample Circuit

To warm up before your workout, we recommend doing a full set of the Five Tibetan Rites – it’s a routine that’s ~2,500 years old, yet still one of the best ways to prime your body for intense work. 

Once your warm-up is complete, then perform 3-4 consecutive sets of Circuit A:

Exercise Reps
Single-Arm Chest Press w/ Band 10-15
Standing Rows w/ Band 15-20
Double-Arm Biceps Curl w/ Band 15-20
Mountain Climber Plank 30 sec.

Once Circuit A is complete, then perform 3-4 consecutive sets of Circuit B.

Exercise Reps
Front Squats w/ Band + Hip Band 30
Glute Bridges w/ Hip Band 20
Standing Band Pull-Apart 15-20
Diamond Push-Ups max

Once Circuit B is complete, you can then perform an optional 5-10 minutes of cardio (jump rope).

If you want to dial-up the intensity of the workout, start by increasing the explosiveness of each movement first. Then, decrease the amount of rest you take in-between circuits.


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