Able Carry Daily Plus Review

Able Carry Daily Plus Review; Wearing the bag while overlooking a lake in Bangkok

Overall Score:8.5

In the course of our evaluation of the Able Carry Daily Plus, we will examine its features, gauge its adaptability, and provide an impartial assessment of its overall performance. Our real-world testing aims to offer a candid and unbiased view, helping potential buyers make informed decisions.

Durability: 8.0
Functionality: 9.0
Performance: 8.5
Aesthetics: 9.0
Value: 8.0

Weight: 1,200 g

Laptop Storage: Up to 16″

Main Material: X-Pac

Hardware: YKK Zippers

Manufacturing Country: China

Warranty: Limited Lifetime

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Acquisition: Able Carry sent us the Daily Plus for testing purposes. All of the opinions in this review are 100% our own honest thoughts

Countries: Thailand

Climate(s): Tropical Savanna

Weather: Hot and Humid (highest temp 36 C)

The Daily Plus is designed for:

  • Urban travel & everyday carry.

It’s not designed for:

  • Adventure travel or hiking.

Table Of Contents

The Daily Plus' Durablity

Able Carry Build Quality

With our hands-on experience, we can attest to the exceptional build quality of the Able Carry Daily Plus. It’s constructed with a highly-durable and water-resistant X-Pac fabric that stands up admirably to various weather conditions. Furthermore, the AquaGuard YKK zippers adorned with Hypalon pulls operate seamlessly, while offering enhanced weather resistance. 

The Daily Plus’ meticulous stitching is flawless, showcasing a commitment to both aesthetics and longevity. The inclusion of high-quality hardware from Duraflex and Woojin further adds to the bag’s overall sturdiness. 

Able Carry has clearly prioritized top-notch materials and detail-oriented craftsmanship, resulting in a bag that not only looks sleek but also promises enduring durability across a variety of urban environments.


The Daily's Feature Set

The shoulder straps of the Able Carry Daily Plus provide an exceptional level of comfort with their dual-density foam padding. This design involves laminating high-density foam and low-density foam together, combining the supportive firmness of high-density foam with the plush softness of low-density foam. The result is a perfect balance that offers extra support while ensuring lasting comfort during prolonged use. Even during full-day explorations in Bangkok, we never experienced any hot spots or soreness. 

The straps also feature a breathable mesh on the back and a seat belt-like material with elastic keepers at the bottom, minimizing excess dangle. Lastly, the magnetic sternum strap adds a touch of sleek functionality, making it easy to take on or off while on the go.

The back panel of the Able Carry Daily Plus is thoughtfully designed for both comfort and practicality. Lined with the same quick-drying mesh as seen on the shoulder straps, it efficiently handles the challenges of sweaty days in Bangkok. The mesh is complemented by dense padding, creating effective air channels that enhance breathability. 

In terms of rigidity, the inclusion of a removable frame sheet offers additional structure to the bag while ensuring a snug fit. During use, it rested well against our backs, providing a pleasant and comfortable experience. Overall, we have no complaints on our end; it’s a well-executed combination of functionality and comfort.

The exterior pockets of the Able Carry Daily Plus are smartly designed for practical use. The front slash zippered pocket, with two internal pockets and a key leash with a gatekeeper-style clip, serves well for storing outer layers or lightweight, voluminous items. However, this pocket isn’t the best place to store multiple small items as they tend to just sink to the bottom. 

There’s also a semi-hidden zippered water bottle pocket in the front that expands into the main compartment – it’ll accommodating up to a 1 L Nalgene if there’s enough space inside. To keep your gear safe from ingress, the seams are sealed although this pocket isn’t fully waterproof. 

For quick access, there’s a top pocket that’s deep enough for essentials like your phone, wallet, and passport. It’s secured against your back, acting as a theft deterrent, and comes with a top fabric flap for added concealment.

The interior of the Able Carry Daily Plus is well-organized for optimal functionality. Opening in a convenient horseshoe shape, the main compartment reveals a hidden horizontal zipper at the top, granting access to both the frame sheet pocket and a discreet space secured by hook-and-loop fastener – a perfect spot for extra cash or a compact tracking device like an AirTag. 

Directly below, the well-padded laptop sleeve, featuring a false bottom, provides a secure and snug fit for a 16-inch MacBook Pro. Positioned in front of the laptop sleeve, two stretchy pockets with pen slots on either side offer practical storage for a tablet, a slim keyboard, writing tools or similarly shaped gear. 

Last but not least, there’s a zippered front pocket that proves ideal for bulkier items such as a wall charger, USB hub, or a small power bank. 


The Daily's Design

The design of the Able Carry Daily Plus strike a harmonious balance between modernity and timelessness. Its clean and sleek appearance lends itself well to professional settings, exuding a sense of sophistication. Simultaneously, the design is understated enough to make it an ideal daily companion, fitting seamlessly into a variety of contexts. 

The bag’s overall aesthetic combines a contemporary edge with a versatile and enduring appeal, making it a stylish choice for both professional and everyday use.


The Daily's Practical Utility

Our positive experiences with the Able Carry Daily Plus encompass several key aspects. First and foremost, its comfort level is noteworthy, providing an ergonomic and enjoyable carrying experience. The build quality is exceptional, evident in the durable materials and meticulous craftsmanship that ensure longevity. The bag’s practical organization is another strong suit, making it easy to keep belongings in order. Aesthetically, we’re fans of the modern yet timeless design, which is well-suited for understated urban carry (perfect for travel).

On the flip side, a notable drawback we observed is the matching zipper pulls for the main compartment and water bottle pocket. While a minor concern, it can lead to momentary confusion, especially in fast-paced situations. Additionally, it’s worth mentioning that the higher price point of the Daily Plus might be a consideration for those on a budget. Despite these minor drawbacks, the bag’s overall positive attributes make it a compelling choice for those prioritizing comfort, quality, organization, and aesthetics in a daily carry bag.

Comparable Value

Primary Alternatives

The Able Carry Daily Plus is a solid investment for working professionals or digital nomads seeking a premium laptop bag with exceptional functionality. In comparison to its closest competitors, the bag is reasonably priced, offering a compelling blend of aesthetics and practicality for its cost. 

For those who find the Daily Plus slightly beyond their budget, the Daily by Able Carry is a worthy alternative with a similar design ethos. Similarly, if the Daily Plus’ size is too large for your specific needs, the Thirteen by Able Carry provides a more compact yet equally functional option.

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Pack Main Fabric Vol. Weight Laptop Storage WR?
Daily Plus X-Pac 21L 1,200 g Up to 16" Yes
Daily Cordura Nylon 20L 900 g Up to 16" Yes
Thirteen X-Pac 13L 690 g Up to 14" Yes
Workpack Recycled Nylon 20L 850 g Up to 16" Yes
Arkose Recycled Nylon 20L 900 g Up to 15" Yes

8.5/10 Rating

Our Overall Verdict

Without a doubt, we highly recommend the Able Carry Daily Plus as a standout laptop backpack. In our extensive testing, it has proven itself to be among the best in terms of comfort, build quality, and practicality. While it’s not without its imperfections, its nuanced strengths make it a valuable and seamless addition to our kit. The modern aesthetics, thoughtful organization, and durability combine to create a compelling package that effortlessly fits into our daily professional and travel routines. 

If you’re on the lookout for a laptop backpack that strikes the perfect balance between versatility and high performance, consider the Able Carry Daily Plus as a worthwhile solution to your needs.


Usage Timeline


Initial Usage

During our initial usage of the Daily Plus, we were pleasantly surprised by its adaptability to different environments. Whether navigating crowded urban spaces or settling into a coffee shop for remote work, the bag seamlessly transitioned, effortlessly blending into diverse settings.
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