Arc’Teryx Brize 25 Review

Arc'Teryx Brize 25 Backpack Review; Bag Hanging From a Tree in a Rice Field

Overall Score:9.0

After 7 months of use, the Arc’Teryx Brize 25 has earned its title as the “Goldilocks” daypack –  it’s “just right” for travel, day hiking, and EDC. Overall, the Brize 25 is the most versatile daypack that we’ve ever used – from the mountains to the city, it’s able to transition environments seamlessly.

Durability: 9.5
Functionality: 8.0
Performance: 9.0
Aesthetics: 8.5
Value: 10.0

Capacity: 25L

Weight: 907 g

Main Material: 420D HT Nylon

Hardware: YKK & ITW

Frame Sheet: HDPE 

Weather Resistance: DWR (exterior), polyurethane (interior)

Dimensions: 55 x 25 x 15 cm

Manufacturing Country: Philippines

Warranty: 5-8 years (est.)

Length of Test: 7 months.

Acquisition: Self Purchase.

Countries: Thailand.

Climate(s): Tropical Savanna.

Weather: Hot and Humid (highest temp 34 C), Cold and Dry (lowest temp 7 C), and Heavy Rain. 

The Arc’Teryx Brize 25 is designed for:

  • Long day hikes
  • Adventure travel
  • Everyday carry (EDC)

It’s not designed for:

  • Ultralight adventures.
  • Climbing or vertical ascents
  • Tech-focused carry


Build Quality

Main Materials: as expected from Arc’Teryx, the Brize 25 features a bomber and weather-resistant construction – from the stitching to the material selection, everything about this pack is exceptionally well-thought-out and exudes durability.  

Incredibly hardwearing, the pack’s 420D high tenacity nylon has a very dense weave with a smooth hand feel. And after using this pack in the Thai jungle for months, we can confirm that this nylon is tough as nails. Most likely, it’s tougher than you’ll ever need. Furthermore, the pack bottom is outfitted with a 620D high tenacity nylon for even greater abrasion resistance.

And in regards to weatherability, the Brize 25 is capable of outstanding moderate rain for a few hours and an intense downpour for about an hour. If you need additional weatherproofing, we recommend picking up an ultralight pack liner.

Hardware: the Arc’teryx Brize 25 features buttery smooth YKK Zippers (#8), which are covered by storm flaps that do a great job at limiting ingress during light rain. For added grip and ease-of-use, the zippers themselves have a slim paracord pull tab attached. 

As for the rest of the pack’s hardware, it’s all high-quality plastic from ITW – a well-respected brand that’s known for long-term reliability. 


Main Feature Set

Back Panel: on the exterior, the Arc’Teryx Brize 25 utilizes a thin layer of perforated foam that’s covered with an aeromesh for ventilation and air permeability. 

Normally we don’t care much for mesh, but the hydrophobic aeromesh that Arc’teryx uses is the best in the business. It doesn’t abrade clothes, hold onto smells, or even look funky over time. And thanks to its 900D single layer construction, it’s also substantially more durable than your average run-of-the-mill mesh.

In combination with the perforated foam, the ventilated mesh creates a comfortable close-to-body carry – although it’s not a cure for the ever-dreaded swamp back.

On the interior, the back panel is supported by a removable HDPE frame sheet. Similar to climbing rucksacks, the frame sheet is highly flexible to allow for torsional flex and articulation. In short… the pack moves with you, rather than against you.   

Regardless of your body type, the Brize 25 is capable of adapting to the shape of your back while still maintaining enough rigidity to offer a fair amount of load distribution. We don’t know how, but Arc’teryx has seemed to master the yin and yang of the conformance / rigidity paradox – one that plagues the majority of daypacks on the market. 

While many daypacks are either too flimsy or too stiff, the Ar’cTeryx Brize 25 is “just right.”

Shoulder Straps: the Brize’s J-shaped shoulder straps are thick and densely-padded with closed-cell foam – making them supportive for heavier loads and exceptionally comfortable for average loadouts. Out of the box, the straps do require a short-term break-in period of ~2-3 weeks. After which, the straps will slightly soften up and conform to your body shape for an almost custom fit.

As for the sternum strap, it’s adjustable to six different heights and securely positioned via a ladder lock system. Zero issues to report here, other than our wish that a built-in web keeper was present.

PSA: the shoulder strap apex (the gap in between the straps) is relatively narrow – if you have a very wide frame or a burly neck, the Arc’Teryx Brize 25 might not fit you. 

Main Compartment: accessed via a reversed-facing lid with a wide top-loading design, the main compartment is a spartan ~23.5L. Thankfully for added visibility and weather resistance, the compartment is lined with a light gray pack cloth.

When it comes to organization, there’s just a single “floating pocket” near the top (which is useful for quick access to a headlamp, a Buff, and a folding knife), so essentialism is the name of the game here. However, if you’re yearning for additional organization… the Arc’Teryx Brize 25 is best supported by BYOP (bring your own pouches).

Last but certainly not least, the compartment is also home to an internal sleeve that can store a 2-3L hydration bladder with a hang loop and a centralized port. Fortunately for travel, this sleeve is big enough to hold up to a 15″ laptop – although you’ll need to store it in a sleeve for some good ol’ fashioned protection.

Quick-Access Pocket: at the top of the pack, there’s a zippered detail pocket with the same high visibility liner as the main compartment. The pocket is ~1.5L in capacity and easily holds a first-aid kit, a Garmin inReach Mini, and a travel wallet, with some room to spare. A word to the wise, overloading this pocket will cause the pack to have a “droopy look” if the main compartment isn’t stuffed to the brim.

As a thoughtful gesture, the pocket also includes a keyring hook for safekeeping. 

External Components: on the exterior face of the pack, there are two unobtrusive daisy chains that you can use to lash gear like trekking poles with the included cord locks. While these daisy chains are well designed, we would’ve preferred the utility of a stretch-mesh pocket with a slanted opening (like on the Gossamer Gear Kumo). 

For reining in and stabilizing smaller loads, the pack features four compression straps (two on each side) that are surprisingly effective. Just be aware that these straps don’t come with web keepers to stow excess dangle – you’ll need to buy your own.

As for the water bottle pockets, they’ll easily store a wide-mouth 1L Hydroflask or even a camera tripod. Design wise, the pockets are cleverly constructed and maintain a slim profile when not in use – which we dig.


Practical Utility

Carry Comfort: for a unisex / one-size-fits-all daypack, the Arc’Teryx Brize 25 is surprisingly comfortable with an ergonomic fit. 

With a total pack weight of 4-8 kg for day trips (including heavy camera gear), the Brize was an absolute joy to use – zero pressure points or shoulder tug. And while it doesn’t make weight disappear, it does a damn good job at distributing the load and making it comfortable to lug around all day – especially over rugged terrain.

For shoulder-only carry, the Arc’Teryx Brize 25 is easily one of the most comfortable daypacks around. However, given the weight of this pack (907 g) when empty, it’s best suited for hauling loads that are above 4 kg.


Design Elements

In all honesty, our photos don’t do just for how great the Arc’Teryx Brize 25 looks in person.

It’s minimalist aesthetic is accentuated by clean lines and a slightly tapered silhouette. And unlike most hiking packs, the Brize’s exterior face is toned down and simplistic – it looks acceptable in most urban environments.

So… whether you’re exploring bustling city streets or the great outdoors, the Brize 25 is able to blend in seamlessly. Something that most hiking packs are unable to achieve.

At the time of writing, the Brize 25 comes in three colorways: black, navy, and teal.


Primary Alternatives

If you like the Arc’Teryx Brize 25 but it happens to be too small for your needs, then we highly recommend its bigger brother the Arc’Teryx Brize 32. Featuring a built-in hip belt and a beefier frame, the Brize 32 has greater carrying capacity as well as an additional external pocket for quick-access. 

For a more urban-friendly crossover pack, the Arc’Teryx Arro 22 is another top pick of ours. Like the Brize, it has a highly functional design and minimalist aesthetic – although it comes with a padded laptop sleeve and more built-in organization. 

If your interest lies primarily in built-in organization, then the Tom Bihn Synapse 25 is another strong contender. It’s roughly 2x the price of the Brize 25 when you add-on its internal frame, but it’s one of the greatest daypacks ever designed.

For the most wallet-friendly option, the Gregory Arrio 24 has the best price-to-value ratio while still offering decent carry performance and aesthetics.

Daypack Main Fabric Fit Vol. Max Load Weight Frame Hip Belt? Load Style
Brize 25 420D HT Nylon Unisex 25L 11.4 kg 907 g HDPE Webbing / Detachable Top
Brize 32 420D HT Nylon Unisex 32L 18.2 kg 1190 g Aluminum Stay Padded / Fixed Top
Arro 22 420D Cordura Unisex 22L 11.4 kg 1020 g HDPE Webbing / Detachable Half-Zip
Synapse 25 400D Halcyon Unisex 25L 11.4 kg 832 g Add-on Webbing / Detachable Half-Zip
Arrio 24 210D Nylon Unisex 24L 11.4 kg 735 g Perimeter Wire Padded / Detachable Half-Zip

9.0/10 Rating

Overall Verdict

If only a few words could describe the Arc’Teryx Brize 25, it would be this: exceptionally well-thought-out. It’s truly a “Goldilocks” daypack that’s underappreciated for its cleverly designed balance of versatility, comfort, and simplicity.

Out of every pack that we own, we consistently find ourselves reaching for the Brize 25 first. Whether we’re going for a long day hike, a photography session, or exploring neighboring provinces by motorcycle, the Brize has usually been our first choice. 

Overall, we’ve loved using the Arc’Teryx Brize 25 and highly recommend it to anyone that’s interested in a highly functional crossover pack. If you’re looking for one pack that can do everything and do it well, then the Brize may be “just right” be for you.

What We Liked

  • Best-in-class shoulder only carry; only bested by vest style straps.
  • Overall durability and construction punches above its weight class. 
  • The reverse-facing lid is great feature for security, weatherability, and aesthetics.
  • The design is sleek and makes the pack incredibly for versatile for travel. 

What Could Use Improvements

  • Adding a daisy chain on each shoulder strap for increased functionality.  
  • Adding built-in web keepers for better strap management.
  • Placing the “Made in the Philippines” tag inside of the pack for cleaner aesthetics.
  • Changing the keyring webbing to a high contrast color (like orange).


Usage Timeline


Initial Usage

The Brize 25 is impeccably constructed and carries well. Shoulder straps took a couple weeks to break in, but are now very comfortable.



7 Months of Usage

The Arc’Teryx Brize 25 is an exceptional pack that’s been chosen by us as our Top Adventure Travel Daypack for its solid performance. Durability wise, it’s still in excellent condition – minus some cosmetic scratches on the material’s outer coating. 

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