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Asia's ultimate outdoor adventure destination - epic mountain trails, wildlife safaris, and world-class alpinism.
Lured by the call of the Himalayan mountains, travelers flock to this landlocked country in search of adventure and adrenaline rushes - which are found in abundance.

Just south of Kathmandu lies a historical and ancient Newari village named Bungamati. It’s a small community that’s free of mass tourism and still practices the traditional lifestyle that’s been inherited since the 16th century. With its old-style Newari architecture, Bungamati is an important site that preserves the prosperous legacy of ancient Nepal…  

As the established trekking routes of Nepal have become flooded with tourists, other “unknown” trails have still remained a secret and maintain their authentic charm. Uncharted by tourists, the rustic villages of Nepal’s countryside offer breathtaking beauty and untouched grandeur. Their remoteness makes them reachable only by foot…

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