The 7 Best Hiking Pants for Men

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The best hiking pants in the world: a well-curated collection of pants that are perfect for every adventure – from the mountains, to the jungle, to the desert.

Whether you’re embarking on a hill-tribe trek in Thailand, summitting Mt. Kilimanjaro in Tanzania, or wild camping next to glacial lakes in Kyrgyzstan, these pants will keep you safe, comfortable, and performing at your best. 

Below are our top-rated hiking pants, which were selected for their unification of form and function. Not only will they perform well on the trail, but they’ll also keep you looking good for when you head back into town.

Our Choice

Best Overall Pant

We consider the Abisko Midsummer pants to be damn near perfect. They’ve handled a wide range of temperatures and terrains without any discomfort – thanks to their best-in-class versatility and breathability.

Additionally, these pants score incredibly high for their unrestricted mobility, overall toughness, and rapid-drying capability.  


Best Lightweight Pant

Hands-down, these are one of the best pants for warm weather activities. Whether hiking or traveling through hot and humid environments, it’s unlikely you’ll overheat while wearing the ultralight Lefroy pants. 

Not to mention, these are some sleek pants that look great in any environment… as a bonus, they have a built-in belt.  


Best Midweight Pant

Considered to be the big brother of the Abisko Midsummer pants, the Abisko Lite Trekking Pants are more heavy-duty and can better handle a wider variety of expedition-grade conditions.  

While expensive, these pants are worth the investment – they’ll last you for many years of reliable hard-wearing service.  


Best Heavyweight Pant

The notorious Keb Trousers are regarded for being virtually indestructible and have developed a cult-like following amongst adventurers heading off-trail or into unforgiving and unrelenting terrain.

Although heavy, these pants are worth the weight penalty if you’re in need of a tank that’s been repurposed into a hiking pant. 


Best Waterproof Pant

For a balance between price, packability, and performance, the Helium rain pants are a solid choice for hiking. Weighing in at 153 g, they won’t add much weight or bulk to your pack and are perfect for emergencies. 

While these pants will wet out under a prolonged heavy downpour, they’ll keep you dry during most rainstorms.


Best Value pant

For a pair of pants that won’t break the bank, the Stretch Zion are a high performer that come with a built-in belt. As a bonus, they look similar to “normal” pants, which makes them extremely versatile.

The Stretch Zion pants blend seamlessly between hiking, travel, and everyday use – which makes them a great value buy.


Best Leggings pant

In all honesty, the Abisko Trekking Tights are our favorite pants for hiking. These tights are burly with their Kevlar-like reinforcement in high-wear areas. Additionally they offer unparalleled freedom of movement.

While hiking tights for men aren’t a popular option on the trail (or travel), these pants are just too damn good to pass over.


Pants Breakdown

Pants Main Fabric(s) Weight Pockets Belt? Gaiter? Vents?
Abisko Midsummer G1000 Air 300 g 4 No Yes Yes
Lefroy Nylon / Elastane 290 g 5 Yes No No
Abisko Lite G1000 Lite 450 g 4 No Yes Yes
Keb Trousers G1000 Eco 610 g 4 No Yes Yes
Helium Pertex Diamond Fuse 190 g 1 No Yes No
Stretch Zion Nylon / Elastane 385 g 5 Yes No No
Trekking Tights Nylon / Elastane 300 g 4 No No No

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