The 7 Best Sling Bags for Travel & EDC

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The best sling bags in the world: a well-curated collection of bags that are perfect for travel as well as urban and outdoor environments.

From managing in-flight essentials to exploring the chaotic streets of new cities, these slings are designed to handle a wide range of adventures. Whether you’re carrying the bare minimum for a long daytrip or just heading to a local market to try some new food, these top-rated slings were selected for their versatility, multi-functionality, and ability to enhance your travel experiences. 

Our Choice

Best Overall Bag

Inspired by Scandinavian minimalism, the Ulvö is a simple yet well-thought-out sling bag with a weatherproof design. Thanks to its clever crossover functionality, it’s perfect for travel whether in the city or outdoors. 

The Ulvö also offers a solid balance between price, function, style, and performance – no other sling bag offers better value. 


Best Ultralight Bag

Made of Dyneema, the Versa is an ultralight bag with a futuristic aesthetic and multi-functionality. The webbing strap can be tucked away and the bag can be used as a packing cube or attached to a hip belt.

This pack is USA built and designed for all-terrain use. For fast and light adventures, good luck finding a better sling bag.


Best Maximalist Bag

There’s no way around it… the Sling Mini is the sexiest bag on the market, ’nuff said. But wait there’s more! This sling bag is not only drool-worthy, it’s also exceptionally functional and thoughtfully designed. 

If you’re primarily exploring urban environments and want a mid-size sling to carry your daily essentials – this is it.


Best Minimalist Bag

For ultra-minimalists, the Side Effect is a 1.5L sling that will carry the bare minimum of what you need for an urban adventure. Thanks to its removable webbing strap, the bag also doubles as an organizer pouch.  

As a high quality Tom Bihn product, you can rest assured that the Side Effect will last you for years of reliable service.  


Best Shoulder Bag

Utilitarian by nature, the Big Bop is a tough bag that’s built for outdoor adventures. If you’re heading to offbeat destinations and need a reliable bag that can withstand virtually anything, then look no further.

While the Big Bop is the Rambo of slings, its aesthetic and functionality makes it suitable for around town use as well.


Best Camera Bag

For photographers, the thick padding and the OCD-fueled organization of the Everyday Sling, offers the most safety for your expensive camera gear. If you prioritize safety over weight, this is a great option.  

Thanks to the built-in organization, you’ll always have quick-access to your gear and be ready for any passing shot. 


Best Packable Bag

For travelers that place packing real estate at a premium, the On-Grid Hip Pack is a packable solution that will disappear in your pack when not in use. It’s also ultralight and will barely add any weight to your loadout.

The On-Grid Hip Pack is hands-down the best of its kind and is the gold standard of packable sling designs.  


Sling Breakdown

Pack Main Fabric Gender Vol. Weight Adjustable Length? Padded?
Ulvö 400D Bergshell Unisex 2L 150 g Yes No
Versa DCH50 Unisex 2.3L 82 g Yes No
Sling Mini Venture Weave Unisex 4L 300 g Yes No
Side Effect 400D Halcyon Unisex 1.5L 176 g Yes No
Big Bop 330D Robic Unisex 3.5L 182 g Yes No
Everyday 400D Nylon Unisex 3L 549 g Yes Yes
On-Grid 100D Robic Unisex 2L 104 g Yes No

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