The 7 Best Daypacks for Adventure Travel

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Adventure Carry

The best adventure daypacks in the world: a well-curated collection of packs that are perfect for travel as well as outdoor and urban environments.

From hiking with yak porters in the Himalayas to dodging tuk-tuks on the frenetic streets of Bangkok, these daypacks were designed to handle a wide range of scenarios. Whether you’re carrying the pack for hours on end, cramming it into an airplane’s overhead bin, or strapping it to the bed of a 4WD truck, these top-rated daypacks were selected for their versatility, ruggedness, and ability to enhance your adventures. 

Our Choice

Best Overall Pack

The Brize’s clean yet functional design, offers streamlined performance for a wide variety of adventures. And thanks to its exceptional carry comfort and timeless aesthetic, it transitions easily from trail to city use.  

When it comes to a balance between price, function, and reliable performance, no pack on the market comes close to the Brize. 


Best Ultralight Pack

For true minimalists, the Daybreak is the most well-thought-out UL daypack on the market. It’s both versatile and durable enough to move seamlessly between the concrete jungle and the great outdoors. 

The Daybreak is also considerably more comfortable than most UL daypacks, thanks to its adequately padded shoulder straps. 


Best Load Hauler

Defined by functional versatility for outdoor pursuits, the Coulee is a respectable and comfortable load hauler for its size (up to 18.2 kg). As a bonus, its subdued design easily blends into urban environments.  

Hands-down, the Coulee is a top performer that scores exceptionally high in comfort, adaptability, and over-the-top durability. 


Best Crossover

As an icon for nearly two decades, the Arro has been officially sworn in as the OG crossover daypack – its a certified legend.  No other bag can transition from urban commutes to day hikes as smoothly. 

True to crossover functionality, the Arro features a padded laptop sleeve that can also serve as a hydration bladder port.


Best Waterproof Pack

The Ulvo Rolltop is the most comfortable waterproof pack on the market, thanks to Fjallraven’s well-padded harness and the bags slim profile – which hugs your body and efficiently distributes weight. 

Additionally, this pack is sustainably built and designed to last a lifetime. For wet adventures, good luck finding a better pack.


Best Packable Pack

Matador is the 800 lb gorilla of packable daypacks and their best-selling ultralight model is the Freerain24, which features a waterproof rolltop design – making this pack suitable for all-weather trips. 

The Freerain24 is the best of its kind and packs down small enough to fit in your hand – there’s no reason not to bring it with you.  


Best of the Rest

As the granddaddy of crossover packs, the Synapse was designed as an all-rounder – from hiking, to EDC, to travel. It’s a pack that was ahead of its time and has developed a cult-like following over the years. 

Tom Bihn is an adventure carry pioneer and the Synapse is one of his most successful packs, for a damn good reason.


Pack Breakdown

Daypack Main Fabric Gender Vol. Max Load Weight Frame Hip Belt? Load Style
Brize 420D HT Nylon Unisex 24L 11.4 kg 907 g HDPE Webbing / Detachable Top
Daybreak DCH150 Unisex 17L 11.4 kg 577 g Frameless Padded / Stowable Half-Zip
Coulee 330D Robic M & W 25L 18.2 kg 1315 g HDPE Padding / Detachable 3-Zip
Arro 210D Nylon Unisex 22L 11.4 kg 1020 g HDPE Webbing / Detachable Top
Ulvo 400D Bergshell Unisex 23L 11.4 kg 650 g HDPE Webbing / Detachable Top
Freerain24 30D Cordura Unisex 24L 6.8 kg 187 g Frameless Webbing / Detachable Top
Synapse 400D Halcyon Unisex 25L 11.4 kg 900 g Add-on Webbing / Detachable Half-Zip

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