Fjallraven Pocket Bag Review

Fjallraven Pocket Bag Review; Bag Hanging from a Tree

Overall Score:8.5

The Fjallraven Pocket Bag is a minimalist EDC and travel sling, that’s designed to carry the bare essentials. For days where you only need to carry a slim wallet, your phone, and a few small accessories, the Pocket Bag is our top choice – thanks to its functional, yet simplistic layout.

Durability: 9.0
Functionality: 8.0
Performance: 8.5
Aesthetics: 9.0
Value: 8.0

Capacity: 1L (est.)

Weight: 90 g

Main Material: G1000 HeavyDuty Eco

Hardware: YKK & Wasa Sweden

Dimensions: 18 x 14 x 3 cm

Manufacturing Country: Vietnam

Warranty: 2 year

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Length of Test: 10 weeks

Acquisition: Self purchase

Countries: Thailand

Climate(s): Tropical Savanna

Weather: Hot and Humid (highest temp 32 C), Light and Heavy Rain

The Pocket Bag is designed for:

  • Minimalist EDC and travel.

It’s not designed for:

  • High organizational needs.

Table Of Contents

Pocket Bag'sDurablity

Fjallraven Build Quality

Construction: with a premium look and soft hand-feel, the Pocket Bag is made with Fjallraven’s proprietary waxed canvas, HeavyDuty G1000 Eco, making the bag incredibly hardwearing, weather-resistant, and adaptable. 

Originally designed for extreme climates in Sweden, G1000 is a mix of 65% partially recycled polyester and 35% organic cotton that has been impregnated with Greenland Wax (a combination of paraffin and beeswax). So far, the G1000 fabric has held up well during testing (zero scratches or scuffs) and we appreciate Fjallraven’s sustainable approach to its production.

As for the bag’s hardware, you can expect a buttery smooth YKK Zipper and an arctic-fox-engraved snap fastener by Wasa Sweden. Both of which are high quality and should function flawlessly for many years of reliable service.  


Main Feature Set

Main Compartment: step on inside… with ample space for your everyday items and a very simplistic level of organization, the interior is just as minimal as the bag’s exterior – which we dig.

For such a small bag, anything more than a single slit pocket (which is designed to segment your phone) would’ve detracted from its overall usability. If anything, the lack of interior pockets allows you to maximize capacity and take advantage of the bag’s gusseted sides (its built-in expandability). Within reason, you can fit much more in the Pocket Bag than meets the eye. 

That said, our only gripe with the main compartment is that it lacks a keyring clip. Without one, there’s less efficiency when it comes to finding our keys in the bag – they tend to sink to the bottom. While we don’t consider this a deal breaker, it’s worth noting.

Security Pocket: on the back of the bag, there’s a small zippered pocket that’s been super convenient for stashing coins and folded bills since it’s quick and easy to access. In use, this pocket has been perfect for days spent shopping and has acted as a sort of impromptu wallet for cash transactions.

Storage wise, the pocket is relatively shallow and only good for housing slim items. Otherwise it’ll become bulky and start to cannibalize the main compartment’s volume.


Practical Utility

Comfort: with a 0.5″ (1.27 cm) thick webbing for the carrying strap, the Fjallraven Pocket Bag has been surprisingly comfortable – as long as we didn’t overstuff it. 

For average day-to-day loadouts (an iPhone, a slim wallet, and some accessories), the Pocket Bag has been an absolute joy to use. It’s never caused any weird friction or hotspots to form, despite the carry strap’s thin webbing. And while we generally prefer carry strap’s to have a wider webbing, this one is adequate for its intended use cases.

From around town carry to spontaneous walks across rice fields in rural Thailand, we’ve garnered zero complaints. The Fjallraven Pocket Bag has been both comfortable and versatile enough for all day use.


Design Elements

With design roots in Scandinavian minimalism, Fjallraven has a reputation for manufacturing highly functional yet aesthetically pleasing gear. 

Characterized by clean lines, the Pocket Bag sports a streamlined design that’s both casual and sophisticated with a heritage vibe. As always, you’ll spot Fjallraven’s artic fox logo on the front with stitched accents that complement the high-grade leather used. The logo definitely adds a nice pop without looking like branding.

At the time of writing, the Fjallraven Pocket Bag comes in a variety of 17 earth-tone inspired colors – long story short, there’s something for everybody and Fjallraven did a great job at keeping this bag gender neutral. 

Pocket Bag's Value

Primary Alternatives

The Fjallraven Pocket Bag is a fairly-priced offering compared to most crossbody sling bags with a similar build quality. When you consider its durable construction, high quality materials, and versatility, the Pocket Bag has one of the best price-to-value ratios and is almost a “steal” at its current price point.

The primary competition (read: alternatives to consider) for the Pocket Bag are:

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Pack Main Fabric Vol. Weight Adjustable Length? Padded?
Pocket Bag G1000 HeavyDuty Eco 1L 90 g Yes No
Greenland Pocket G1000 HeavyDuty Eco S 2.5L 170 g Yes No
Metrosafe 750D Recycled Polyester 3L 408 g Yes No
High Coast Pocket 210D Recycled Nylon 0.8L 85 g Yes No
City Pouch 500D Recycled Nylon 1.5L 178 g Yes No

8.5/10 Rating

Overall Verdict

The Fjallraven Pocket Bag is a well-constructed minimalist sling with a simple yet functional layout. We’ve truly enjoyed using it for the past 10 weeks and it’s likely to become a staple piece of kit for us. 

If you’re looking for a crossbody sling that’s ideal for storing your everyday essentials when you’re getting around town, the Fjallraven Pocket Bag is a near perfect choice. 

  • Perfect amount of space for minimal daily carry.
  • Ideal for use as a “personal item” when flying.
  • Well-executed design with high quality materials.

There’s not much we disliked about the Fjallraven Pocket Bag, but here are two design upgrades we’d like to see:

  • Adding a keyring clip to the main compartment.
  • Adding a nylon pulltab to the zippered security pocket.


Usage Timeline


Initial Usage

The Pocket Bag initially seemed smaller than expected, but holds a lot more than we thought. So far, it’s working great for daily carry.



10 Weeks of Usage

Minus some cosmetic fraying, everything is still in great shape. The Fjallraven Pocket Bag has definitely become our “Best Minimalist Sling Bag.”



18 Months of Usage

The Fjallraven Pocket bag is still going strong. We’ve used it while traveling all over Thailand and Laos, yet it still looks relatively new.

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