Helinox Chair One Review (Long-term)

Helinox Chair One Review, Man Holding Chair

Overall Score:8.7

After 12 months of extensive use, the Helinox Chair One has become our go-to camping chair. Its lightweight and compact design, make it easy to transport in/out of campsites. Whether you’re going camping or just on a day trip to the beach, the Chair One is near perfect addition for your adventure.

Durability: 9.0
Functionality: 8.0
Performance: 10.0
Aesthetics: 8.5
Value: 8.0

Weight: 960 g 

Main Material: 600D Polyester 

Aluminum Poles: DAC TH72M Alloy

Max Load: 145 kg

Packed Size: 58 x 23 x 25 cm

Manufacturing Country: Vietnam

Warranty: 5 Years

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Length of Test: 12 months

Acquisition: Self Purchase

Countries: Thailand

The Helinox Chair One is designed for:

  • Camping, the beach, & picnics.

The Chair One is not designed for:

  • Ultralight backpacking.

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Helinox Build Quality

Main Materials: the seat is made of a burly 600D polyester that’s tightly woven and a heavy duty mesh that’s highly-resistant to tears. If you’re wondering why Helinox didn’t use nylon, our assumption is this: polyester is hydrophobic (it doesn’t sag when wet), dries quickly, offers better UV-resistance, and a more taut-pitch. 

As for the construction, the reinforcement stitching is bomber and the pole connection points are reinforced with a Hypalon-like material. 

Long story short, the Helinox Chair One is built like a tank and meant to last.

Hardware: the seat is propped up by robust yet lightweight aluminum poles and two nylon-resin hubs. The entire system is connected via shock cord, which means the poles essentially snap themselves into place when unfolded. And according to Helinox, this system can support a maximum load of 145 kg (~320 lb)! 

The poles themselves are manufactured by DAC, which is the most trusted brand for aluminum poles. The world’s best tent manufacturers, such as Hilleberg and Fjallraven, rely on DAC poles for expedition equipment that’s used in the Artic to Everest. So, when it comes to pole quality… the Helinox Chair One is using the best-of-the-best – bar none.

Side Note: Helinox’s DAC poles are stronger than aircraft-grade aluminum…


Main Feature Set

Packability: when fully collapsed, the Helinox Chair One maintains a relatively slim profile – 10 x 35 x 12 cm. Thoughtfully, it comes with its own ripstop nylon stuff sack that features a YKK Zipper, a single exterior daisy chain, and grab handles on both ends.

With a couple carabiners and a channeling of your inner MacGyver, it’s easy to lash the chair to a pack for walk-in camping or even overnight adventures.

Modularity: for individuals that want to maximize the utility of their Chair One, Helinox sells a variety of modular accessories that can be added to their chair.  

Modular accessories include: 


Chair One's Practical Utility

Comfort: cutting to the chase… this is a damn comfortable chair.

When relaxing at multi-day base camps, the Helinox Chair One was basically heaven on earth for our derriere and knees. Whether cooking, chilling, or just enjoying the view, the chair was a complete luxury to sit in (compared to a foam seat pad). 

In all honesty, we find the Helinox Chair One to be so comfortable. that we even use them at home – don’t judge us!  

Stability: for most conditions, the Helinox Chair One is incredibly stable and considered to be the most well-balanced lightweight / collapsible chair on the market.  

However, on soft ground the cylindrical legs have a habit of sinking in and throwing the chair out of kilter. For muddy or sandy environments, we highly recommend picking up the Helinox Vibram Ball Feet. With these circular vulcanized rubber attachments, the chair is able to remain stable on any ground – for us, they worked extremely well during Thailand’s chronically muddy monsoon season.


Helinox Design Elements

The Helinox Chair One is available in a multitude of colors – from all-black to tie dye, there’s something for everybody. 

Additionally, Helinox is known for releasing a wide variety of Chair One collaborations with major brands from all over the world. A link to their collab archive is HERE.


Primary Alternatives

All factors considered, the Helinox Chair One is the best lightweight camping chair on the market. However, if you’re looking for even more luxury such as a headrest and arm-rests, then the Helinox Beach Chair fits the bill. 

For backpacking, you’re better off with the lighter weight Helinox Chair Zero or even the Helinox Ground Chair. Both weigh a fraction of the Helinox Chair One and pack down smaller, making them easier to fit inside of a rucksack.

For the most wallet-friendly option, we recommend the Moon Lence Folding Chair. Although inexpensive and a Helinox knock off, it still offers decent performance.

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Tent Seat Material Chair Poles Weight Capacity
Chair One 600D Polyester DAC TH72M Alloy 960 g 145 kg
Beach Chair 600D Polyester DAC TH72M Alloy 1470 g 145 kg
Chair Zero Ripstop Polyester DAC TH72M Alloy 510 g 120 kg
Ground Chair 600D Polyester DAC TH72M Alloy 640 g 120 kg
Moon Lence 600D Oxford Cloth 7000-series Aluminum 960 g 120 kg

8.7/10 Rating

Overall Verdict

The Helinox Chair One is our top choice for a lightweight camping chair – it strikes an ideal balance of comfort, stability, and durability at a fair price point. With proper care, the Chair One will last you for years of service, while being much more convenient and easier to transport than larger, heavier camping chairs. 

  • Comfort is incredibly high for such a lightweight chair.
  • Packability and total weight make it easy to transport for any activity (outside of backpacking).
  • Durability and overall construction quality is top-notch – you truly get what you pay for. 

There’s not much we disliked about the Helinox Chair One but for the price, built-in circular ball feet would be a welcomed addition.


Usage Timeline


Initial Usage

Build quality is impeccable and we love the sleek design. First camping trip with the chairs in Chiang Mai was a success… 



12 Months of Usage

The Helinox Chair One is holding up exceptionally well after many days of use – from the outdoors to in our house. We expect this chair to last for many more years.



2 Years of Usage

The Chair One is still going strong and we expect it to last another couple years of use. Some stitching has frayed, but mostly the chair is in mostly great condition after seeing frequent use for the past two years. 

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