Lumpini Park: What You Need To Know

Lumpini Park, Bangkok; A Thai couple jogging together
Travel Rating:7.6

Lumpini Park, nestled in the heart of Bangkok, offers a tranquil urban escape. Spanning over 140 acres, The park is a favorite among locals and visitors alike, offering a diverse range of activities from morning exercises to leisurely picnics, making it a retreat amidst the city’s chaos.

Activities: 8.0
Relaxation: 7.5
Ambiance: 8.0
History: 7.0
X Factor: 7.5

Name (Thai): สวนลุมพินี

Area: 360 rai (57.6 hectares or 142 acres)

Address: 192 Wireless Road, Pathum Wan, Bangkok

Opening Hours: 4:30 am to 10 pm, daily

Visitors: 10,000 – 15,000 per day

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Lumpini Park Activities

Bangkok's Urban Oasis

Lumpini Park offers a wide range of activities for visitors to enjoy amidst its serene greenery. You can join Tai Chi sessions, led by experienced practitioners, to find inner peace and harmony. If you prefer a more leisurely experience, you can rent a paddleboat and cruise along the park’s central lake, soaking in the scenic views. 

For fitness enthusiasts, there are jogging and cycling tracks to keep you active while surrounded by nature. The park also features open spaces perfect for picnics and relaxation, as well as a playground for kids. Whether you seek exercise or a peaceful escape from the bustling city, Lumpini Park has something for everyone.

Giant Water Monitors

Lumpini Park's Lizards

Lumpini Park has earned its reputation for being home to a thriving population of Water Monitors, which are large, prehistoric-looking reptiles native to Southeast Asia. These impressive creatures can often be spotted sunbathing along the park’s water features or lazily gliding through its lakes. 

These Water Monitors, with their elongated bodies and distinctive, scaled appearance, add a unique and exotic touch to the park’s natural ambiance. While they may seem intimidating due to their size, they are generally harmless and have become a fascinating attraction for both wildlife enthusiasts and curious visitors to Lumpini Park.

Lumpini Park Guide

Actionable Information

Lumpini Park is conveniently located in the heart of Bangkok and is easily accessible via both the MRT (Mass Rapid Transit) and BTS (Skytrain). 

You can take the MRT to the Si Lom Station, which is right next to the park. Alternatively, you can take the BTS to the Sala Daeng Station, which is also within walking distance of the park. From either of these stations, it’s just a short stroll to Lumpini Park, allowing for easy and hassle-free transportation to this urban oasis.

Lumpini Park is open to the public free of charge, making it an accessible and budget-friendly destination for locals and tourists alike to enjoy its natural beauty and recreational activities.

The best time to visit Lumpini Park in Bangkok is during the early morning or late afternoon.

In the early morning, you can enjoy cooler temperatures and participate in activities like tai chi or jogging when the park is less crowded. Late afternoon is also a great time to visit, as the weather is more pleasant than during the scorching midday heat. Plus, you can witness locals engaging in various outdoor exercises and sports.

Avoid visiting during the hottest part of the day, typically between 11:00 AM and 3:00 PM, to prevent heat-related discomfort. 

Lumpini Park is home to various wildlife species, with the most notable inhabitants being the Water Monitors, also known as Varanus salvator. These large reptiles are commonly referred to as “Lumpini Lizards” by locals. 

Apart from Water Monitors, Lumpini Park hosts a variety of bird species, including egrets and herons, which can be spotted near the park’s lakes. Additionally, you might encounter squirrels darting amongst the trees. 

Lumpini Park holds a rich history that reflects the city’s transformation over the years. The park’s origins can be traced back to the early 20th century during the reign of King Rama VI (King Vajiravudh). At that time, the area where the park stands today was nothing more than a neglected piece of land covered in scrub and marshes.

In 1925, King Rama VI decided to transform this neglected area into a public park for the people of Bangkok. The park was named “Lumpini” after the birthplace of Lord Buddha in Nepal, symbolizing a place of peace and tranquility. King Rama VI believed that creating green spaces within the rapidly growing city was essential for the well-being of the city’s residents.

The park’s development began under the supervision of the Bangkok Municipality, and its design was inspired by European-style parks. Lumpini Park officially opened its gates to the public on December 2, 1925, becoming Thailand’s first public park. It quickly became a popular destination for both locals and visitors, offering a serene escape from the bustling city.

Over the years, Lumpini Park has evolved and expanded, becoming a cherished oasis in the midst of Bangkok’s urban sprawl. It has witnessed numerous historical events and remains a symbol of nature and relaxation in the heart of the Thai capital. 

Today, Lumpini Park continues to be a beloved destination for exercise, leisurely strolls, picnics, and cultural activities, preserving its historical significance and providing a haven for the city’s residents.

Yes, Lumpini Park provides public toilet facilities for visitors. You can find restroom facilities within the park to ensure your comfort during your visit. These facilities are typically well-maintained, contributing to the overall convenience of the park.

Lumpini Park is certainly worth visiting if you’re looking for a peaceful place to exercise or go for a walk in Bangkok. It offers a green escape from the city’s hustle and bustle, with ample jogging paths and workout areas.

However, for tourists that aren’t interested in exercising while on holiday, it’s by no means a must-visit destination. 

Lumpini Park is generally considered safe at night, but like any public place, it’s essential to exercise caution and be aware of your surroundings. The park officially closes at 10:00 PM, but we recommend that you avoid lingering after the last rays of sunset.

While Lumpini Park is a popular spot for evening activities such as jogging and group exercise classes, it’s advisable to stay in well-lit areas and avoid isolated spots. Petty theft and minor incidents can occur anywhere, so it’s a good practice to keep your belongings secure and not display valuable items openly. If you plan to visit the park at night, it’s a good idea to go with a group or a friend for added safety.

Yes, you can eat in Lumpini Park. Many visitors bring their own food or buy refreshments from vendors within the park. It’s a common practice to have a leisurely meal or snack while taking in the serene surroundings of Lumpini Park. Just be sure to clean up after yourself and dispose of any trash properly to help maintain the cleanliness of the park.

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