A Catalog Of Master Photographers

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In photography, certain artists rise above the rest, leaving an indelible mark on the medium with their visionary talent and groundbreaking work. From capturing poignant moments in history to redefining artistic expression, master photographers have shaped the landscape of photography with their distinctive styles and unparalleled creativity.

With this list, we aim to offer a curated catalog of master photographers, with links that delve into their iconic images, innovative techniques, and enduring legacies. Join us as we celebrate the artistic brilliance and timeless contributions of these luminaries.

Photographer Primary Focal Lengths Format Genres
Fan Ho 75mm & 80mm Medium Street & Fine Art
Ernst Haas 28mm, 50mm, & 90mm Full-Frame Street, Documentary, & Commercial
Sebastião Salgado 28mm, 35mm, & 60mm Full-Frame Documentary & Landscape
Irving Penn 80mm Medium Portrait, Fashion, & Fine Art
George Rodger 50mm Full-Frame Documentary & War
Elliot Erwitt 50mm & 90mm Full-Frame Documentary & Street
Steve McCurry 35mm & 50mm Full-Frame Documentary & Commercial
James Nachtwey 28mm, 35mm, & 50mm Full-Frame Documentary & War
Michael Kenna Various Primes Medium Landscape
Pete Turner 50mm, 105mm, & 135mm Full-Frame Portrait, Landscape, & Fine Art
Jay Maisel Telephoto Full-Frame Documentary & Fine Art
Thomas Hoepker 28mm, 50mm, & 90mm Full-Frame Documentary
Saul Leiter 50mm & 90mm Full-Frame Commercial & Street
Henri-Cartier Bresson 50mm Full-Frame Documentary & Street
Marc Riboud 50mm Full-Frame Documentary & War
Hiroji Kubota 50mm Full-Frame Documentary
Raghubir Singh 28mm, 35mm, & 50mm Full-Frame Documentary & Street
Frans Lanting Various Zooms Full-Frame Wildlife & Landscape
Ray Metzker 80mm Medium Documentary & Fine Art
Edward Curtis 300mm Large Documentary & Portrait
W. Eugene Smith 35mm, 50mm, & 90mm Full-Frame Documentary & War
Alex Webb 35mm Full-Frame Documentary & Street
Don McCullin 28mm & 135mm Full-Frame Documentary & War
Richard Avedon 180mm Large Portrait & Fashion
Raghu Rai Various Primes Full-Frame Documentary & Street
Ansel Adams 38mm, 80mm, & 135mm Medium Landscape
Arthur Meyerson 35mm Full-Frame Commercial & Street
Robert Capa 50mm Full-Frame Documentary & War
Dorothea Lange 190mm Large Documentary
Jimmy Nelson Various Primes Large Portrait & Fine Art
René Burri 28mm & 50mm Full-Frame Documentary & Street
Yousuf Karsh 350mm Large Portrait
Ken Domon 50mm Full-Frame Documentary & War
Peter Lindbergh 50mm & 85mm Full-Frame Portrait & Fashion
Ralph Gibson 50mm Full-Frame Fine Art
Annie Leibovitz 35mm, 55mm, & 105mm Full-Frame Portrait & Fashion
Walker Evans 300mm Large Documentary
Gordon Parks 80mm Medium Documentary
Robert Frank 50mm Full-Frame Documentary
William Eggleston 35mm Full-Frame Street
Gary Winogrand 28mm Full-Frame Documentary & Street
Todd Hido N/A Medium Fine Art
Dan Winters 35mm, 50mm, & 85mm Full-Frame Portrait & Fine Art
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