Peak Design Field Pouch Review

Peak Design Field Pouch Review

Overall Score:7.2

After 22 months of weekly use, the Peak Design Field Pouch has been retired from service by us. Generally speaking, it’s a “happy-medium” accessory pouch that’s a jack of all trades, master of none. And while it doesn’t excel at any one given task, it offers a bit of versatility. 

Durability: 6.0
Functionality: 7.5
Performance: 7.5
Aesthetics: 8.0
Value: 7.0

Weight: 155 g

Main Material: 400D Nylon

Capacity: 3L 

Dimensions: 26 x 13.7 x 12.7 cm

Manufacturing Country: Vietnam

Warranty: Lifetime

Length of Test: 22 months

Acquisition: Self Purchase

Countries: Bhutan, Ethiopia, India, Laos, Myanmar, Nepal, Oman, Somalia, and Thailand

The Field Pouch is designed for:

  • EDC, travel, and photography.

It’s not designed for:

  • Ultralight or minimalistic travel.


Build Quality

Known for producing an innovative ecosystem of modular products, Peak Design is a highly-regarded photography gear brand – one that’s gained a massive fan base all over the world. 

As for the Field Pouch, the construction quality is decent at best. While the main 400D nylon canvas has proven to be durable, the pouch’s hypalon reinforcements are showing noticeable signs of wear – primarily scuffing. And for the stitching, there’s been some minor fraying in a few areas – although the structural integrity of the pouch is still in good shape.   


Main Feature Set

Variable Capacity: the Field Pouch’s closing mechanism consists of two vertical strips of Velcro, which enables the pouch’s best feature: expandability. 

Depending on the amount of gear inside, you can choose to seal the Velcro at any height – up to 3L worth of capacity. Essentially, the Field Pouch’s capacity is micro-adjustable and is adaptable to a wide range of gear.

Interior Organization: the Field Pouch’s main compartment is lined with felt and comes with a fair amount of built-in organization:

As for the main compartment’s open space, it’s a great place for storing: a USB hub, a large cable, and a slim USB car charger

Modularity: on the back of the Field Pouch, there are two anchor links where you can attach a Peak Design camera strap in order to carry it as a crossbody sling. 

Additionally, there are two seatbelt style loops on the back that enable you to lash the Field Pouch onto your belt and wear it like a waist pack.


Practical Utility

Even though we don’t “love” the Field Pouch, we’ve still been consistently using it for the past 22 months. Why? As with any product, you have to decide if you can work around its cons and compare it to the nearest competition. For us, the Field Pouch is the lightest way to safely store two hard drives, plus a variety of dongles and accessories. 

Below are our main “cons” with the Field Pouch…

Con #1: it’s a bit bulky for its capacity and since the the top is a fold-over closure, the protruding outer edges make for an awkward fit inside of a full pack.  

Con #2: the interior pockets are a bit limiting and the narrow profile of the main compartment suffers from lack of depth – space-to-efficiency ratio is low. 

Con #3: it doesn’t carry well as a hip pack… it rests a bit odd on your belt and can cause your pants to sag if there’s too much gear loaded in the pouch. 


Design Elements

For an accessory pouch, this is one of the most sleek looking designs on the market. The Field Pouch manages to pull off an Indiana Jones type vibe while still maintaining clean lines that could work in a professional setting. Long story short, we dig it. 

At the time of writing, the Field Pouch comes in four subtle colorways: black, charcoal, ash, and tan. If you plan on primarily using this pouch as an organizer (one that lives in a larger daypack or rucksack), we suggest getting the tan colorway for better visibility. 


Primary Alternatives

Compared to the competition, the Field Pouch comes in at a relatively “fair price.” It’s direct competition is the Handy Little Thing by Tom Bihn, which offers a more refined modular design and better construction quality (at almost 2x the cost).  

Alternatively… if you’re interested in a modular pouch that offers solid carry performance, then the HMG Versa Pack is worth your consideration. It’s a Dyneema-constructed ultralight sling with tuckable straps for use as an organizer.

For a more wallet-friendly option, check out the Tenba Cable Duo 4 – it’s not nearly as versatile, but it’s cheaper and still well-constructed. 

Last but not least, the Bellroy Classic Pouch is a lightweight option, that offers just the right amount of organization and a relatively slim profile. 

Pouch Main Material Weight Capacity Modular?
Field Pouch 400D Nylon Canvas 155 g 3L Yes
Handy Little Thing 200D Halcyon Nylon 145 g 2.1L Yes
Versa Pack DCH50 (Dyneema) 82 g 2.3L Yes
Cable Duo 4 300D Herringbone Polyester 91 g 2L No
Classic Pouch Recycled Venture Weave 80 g 2L No

7.6/10 Rating

Overall Verdict

The Peak Design Field Pouch is a decent choice for individuals that are already invested in the company’s modular ecosystem – straps, camera clip, etc. When integrated with Peak Design’s other products, the Field Pouch offers a lightweight and versatile design for organizing your tech accessories, whether during travel or EDC use cases.

However, if you’re not invested in Peak Design’s modular ecosystem, there are more durable (albeit less versatile) tech accessory pouches on the market. 

What We Liked

  • Modular capabilities allow for best-in-class versatility.
  • Expandable collar is perfect for travel and EDC use.

What Could Use Improvements

  • Quality of the hypalon material and stitching could be better, as both started showing “wear” rather quickly. 
  • Utilizing a high-visibility felt liner for the interior, rather than a dull gray.  


Usage Timeline


Initial Usage

As expected from Peak Design, the pouch looks great and features an innovative design. Although, the stitching has already started to fray in a couple areas. 



22 Months of Usage

.The Field Pouch has mostly served us as an organizer pouch – it rarely sees use as a sling or waist pack, since it doesn’t perform as well in those capacities.

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