Soto Aeromug Review (Titanium)

Soto AeroMug Review; close-up on a brick wall

Overall Score:8.5

If you want the best titanium mug around, look no further than the Soto AeroMug. In our humble opinion, there’s only one titanium mug to rule them all… the AeroMug. It’s ultralight, exceptionally durable, and insulated just enough to keep your coffee hot without burning your hands.

Durability: 9.0
Functionality: 8.0
Performance: 9.0
Aesthetics: 8.5
Value: 8.0

Capacity: 450 ml

Weight: 116 g

Main Material: Titanium

Manufacturing Country: Japan

Warranty: See Here

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Length of Test: 2 Years

Acquisition: purchased with our own hard-earned cash. 

Countries: Thailand

Climate(s): Tropical Savanna

The Soto AeroMug is designed for:

  • Outdoor adventures.

It’s not designed for:

  • Urban commuting.

8.5/10 Rating

Overall Verdict

Build Quality: the Soto AeroMug’s titanium construction is corrosion-resistant and guaranteed to look good even after taking a beating. With a better strength-to-weight ratio than steel, titanium is ultralight yet tough enough to be considered the Mike Tyson of alloys. Our titanium Aeromug has withstood abuse both on and off the trail for the past two years, without much in the way of visible wear and tear. Long story short, durability is the AeroMug’s strong suit. 

Performance: with the Soto AeroMug’s double walled titanium construction, the inclusion of a mug handle would’ve been superfluous given the heat from liquids doesn’t transfer to your hands or your lips. From a design and user experience perspective, the AeroMug is a highly simplistic and near perfect solution, especially when paired with the plastic top lid (sold seperately).

Value: lets face it, there are a lot of people who are critical of titanium because it’s pretty damn expensive – to some degree, we agree with them. However, once you go titanium you don’t go back (to steel, that is). While you should take our opinion with a grain of salt, the Soto AeroMug is worth the premium because of the weight savings and durability (this mug will outlast you). If you’re on a budget and want a more bang-for-your-buck option, check out this OEM Ti mug.

Conclusion: for us, we love the Soto AeroMug so much that we use this titanium mug everyday. If you’re looking for the best (handleless) titanium mug on the market, the Soto AeroMug is it. If you’re looking for the best titanium mug with handles, then check out this Snow Peak Ti mug.

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Usage Timeline


Initial Usage

So far, so bueno – we’re digging it. Build quality is on par with Snow Peak’s titanium products . 



2 Years of Usage

The Soto AeroMug is still going strong. Other than a few minor scratches, there’s no real noticeable damage or wear. 

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