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All of our travel gear content is evidence-based

We only publish long-term reviews after we’ve extensively tested a product in the field. Additionally our guides, tips, and packing lists are based on empirical data from years of adventure travel. 

At Offtrek, we’re committed to sharing the truth based solely on our in-field observations and objective assessments of: Functionality, Performance, Durability, Aesthetics, and Value. 

No fluff. No BS. No agenda. Just the raw truth. That’s our promise…

We take our responsibility to provide readers with honest and unbiased gear recommendations seriously.

Features are the “bells and whistles” of a product, the characteristics that supplement its basic functioning. 

We aim to measure how well-thought-out and innovative a product’s features and design are, secondary to its overall performance.   

Additionally, we will compare and contrast a product’s feature set relative to its closest competitors.

While performance is subjective, we aim to set and measure objective criteria that is based on a product’s primary operating characteristics.

For each product category, we will devise a series of real-world tests and scoring metrics in order to systematically assess and rate individual products over a months-long process. 

Additionally, we will make an effort to showcase the weaknesses of each product during our in-field experiences, so that you can understand as much as possible about its performance – the good, the bad, and the ugly. 

Expect nothing more or less than the raw truth. 

Durability is an important parameter for travel and outdoor gear – the last thing you need is for a product to fail you at a critical moment. 

We define durability as “the ability of a product and its materials not to exhibit significant deteriorations that imply loss of functionality for which it was designed.” 

Basically, we aim to measure how well a product’s materials and construction are able to withstand the wear and tear from its expected use-cases over a variety of conditions. 

Disclaimer: we do not to artificially push products to the point of complete failure (we will only report a failure if it happened organically during real-world use). 

Aesthetics is all about mixing functionality with timeless style. 

We prefer a blend of Scandinavian and contemporary Japanese design principles. Therefore, we aim to measure a product’s visual appeal based on simplicity, minimalism, and functionality for more of a subdued look. 

Additionally, we prefer subtle branding and colors that are neutral in both urban and outdoor environments, rather than bright and loud or even camo color patterns (except for certain use cases where it is advantageous). Why? Because we found it’s best not to visually scream “TARGET ME” when traveling abroad in both large cities and remote areas. 

Determining a “fair price” for travel and outdoor gear is incredibly difficult. So lets not get carried away and go down the rabbit hole that is known as microeconomics…

“Fair price” for a material good is highly subjective and based on an individual’s specific needs, disposable income, prices of competitive products, and in-country purchasing price (which is influenced by VAT, tariffs, medium-term FX rates, shipping costs, and so on). Therefore, we avoid calculating “fair price” at all cost – pun intended.

Instead we aim to measure the value of a product based on its performance and durability, relative to its closest international competitors. We just want to answer the basic question of whether or not a product is competitive and worth buying, regardless of the price. 

Disclaimer: we believe that top-quality begets top-dollar (i.e., you get what you pay for). 



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