What to Pack: Ultralight First Aid Kit (DIY)


Emergency Gear

Our Advice: Don’t pack your fears – focus on the essentials… nothing more, nothing less.

After traveling to some of Asia and Africa’s most remote landscapes, whether by 4WD or trekking, we’ve learned a thing or two about emergency preparedness.

And by all means, a first aid kit is no substitute for vigilance and skills.

But… for the times when all you need is quick fix-me-up, we’ve put together a no-frills list that has kept us safe in a variety of places and climates. From staying with remote tribes in Africa, to trekking in the Himalayas, to riding camels across the Mongolian desert…

Item Classification Purpose Relevancy
Garmin inReach Mini Nav & Comms Reliable satellite communicator; off-the-grid contact for emergency services Contigent
Garmin Instinct Solar Nav & Comms ABC and GPS watch; long-lasting battery that's solar rechargeable; highly durable. Suggested
Brunton TruArc 3 Nav & Comms Inexpensive and compact compass; performance is reliable and accurate. Contigent
Ibuprofen or Paracetamol Medication For pain relief and anti-inflammatory use cases; great for reducing headaches and fever. Critical
Claritin Medication Anti-histamine; non-drowsy allergy reduction for acute reactions; generic brands work too. Critical
Immodium Medication Anti-diarrheal (loperamide); stops mud butt in its tracks; prevents dehydration. Critical
Laxative Medication GI back-up is common while traveling (from new bacterial exposure); Smooth Move works well. Critical
Caffeine Medication While coffee works best, these pills are useful for driving "focus" during an emergency. Suggested
Steri-Strips Injuries An in-the-moment alternative to stitches for wounds; needs prior practice before use. Suggested
Gauze Pads Injuries Forget band-aids, 4x4 sterile gauze pads combined with tape will cover most non-lethal wounds. Critical
Leukotape Injuries Use in combination with gauze pads for DIY band-aids or for blister management / prevention. Critical
QuikClot Injuries Use for potentially lethal wounds; it'll help slow down or stop blood loss from occurring. Contigent
Neosporin Injuries An antibiotic topical cream that help to fight off wound infection; minimizes scarring. Suggested
Spyderco Ladybug 3 Salt Tools A teeny-weeny folding knife that'll never rust (even when exposed to water); ultralight. Suggested
Tweezers Tools Precision vs cosmetic construction construction; remove ticks, splinters, and needles. Critical
Tenacious Tape Tools Patch any holes or abrasion points in your gear - from packs, to tents, to outer worn layers. Suggested

For storage, keep most of the below items in a lightweight pouch, such as:

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