Wat Arun: Bangkok’s Best Sunset View

Bangkok's Wat Arun During Sunset; Black and White

It’s well known that sunset over Wat Arun is one of the best times to photograph this iconic temple, since Thailand’s golden hour produces strikingly beautiful warm tones.

However, once the sun dips below the horizon, Thailand’s blue hour is equally as beautiful.

Once the sky begins to dim, Wat Arun’s golden exterior becomes illuminated against a pastel cascade of blueish hues. It’s an ethereal moment and one of the best views in the Kingdom.

Wat Arun Sunset

Useful Information

Where To Watch: For the best view of Wat Arun during sunset, the View ARUN Restaurant and Hotel has Bangkok’s best rooftop bar for this occasion – its name sort of gives that away. In addition to having a clear view of Wat Arun, you can order a nice dinner here or some drinks and appetizers – trust us, the fried spring rolls are delicious when paired with a can of Asahi. 

When To Visit: Thailand’s high season (December – February) will offer the best chances for a classically beautiful sunset – peach / red tones. While Thailand’s peak rainy season (July – October) will offer a more moody blue hour(ish) atmosphere. We visited in August on a rainy day.  

Tip #1: The View Arun’s rooftop bar is pretty small and gets booked up rather quickly. We highly recommend making a reservation, especially if you’re going there on a weekend.

Tip #2: Before heading over to View ARUN, make some time for a quick stop at the Hua Lamphong Train Station (via the MRT exit).  This place is a unique environment within Bangkok as it’s the oldest train station in the country – you’ll be able to get some cool snapshots here.

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