Wat Saen Muang Ma (Phayao)

Wat Saen Muang Ma; Chiang Kham, Phayao; Interior of the ubosot
Temple Rating:8.6

During the early 19th century, the Tai Lue people settled in Chiang Kham and erected a distinctive temple that would later be known as Wat Saen Mueang Ma. This historical site showcases colorful wooden fretwork and doors, as well as a dual-arched portico entrance with a stylized Lanna design.

Architecture: 7.5
Aesthetics: 8.0
Culture: 9.0
X Factor: 8.5
Value: 10.0

Name (Thai): วัดแสนเมืองมา

Address: มาง หมู่ 4, ตำบลหย่วน อำเภอเชียงคำ จังหวัดพะเยา 56110

Opening Hours: 8.00 to 17.00 daily

Entrance Fee: Free

Religious Affiliation:

Year Founded:

  • Unknown.

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Wat Saen Muang Ma

The Temple's Location

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